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Holt Photo is located in South Salem NY, with an additional Studio on Fifth Ave. Manhattan.

We specialize in Creative Interior Design Photography including Real Estate, Drone and Portraits.

Look Forward to shooting with you.

Philip Holt 


The most rewarding aspect of photography for me, is creating images from mundane subject matter. A friend once told me I shoot the invisible. Color is an important element in my photographs.I am drawn to taking simple iconic images often with bright colors. The experimentation and research from my personal work is invaluable for my Commercial work. I find my personal work and commercial work feed off each other, both have their challenges. Commercial work is about logistics and problem solving and my personal work is about soul searching and discovery.



Philip Holt is of Anglo/ French descent, grew up in Milan, Italy.  


He is a third generation photographer, his grandfather was a portrait photographer in Paris and his great-grandfather in Florence.


Philip picked up his first camera at fifteen, studied Fine Art Photography at Mallinsons on the Isle of White, UK, and went on to graduate from New England School of Photography, Boston, in 1982. He is an award winning commercial photographer based in New York.

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